You Are Asexual


SKU: 9781087915753
Author: Evermore, A C
Publication Date: 10/11/2021
Publisher: Terrace Spring
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book



You’re a student at The Consortium’s Facility 4, and you’ve been waiting for this day for years. It’s the day you will be given your sexual orientation! But something happens during the procedure… You feel nothing as spontaneous amorous cavorting breaks out all around you. You flee the room, dodging attempted kisses and parrying awkward hugs, barely managing to keep your jumpsuit fully zipped. You catch your breath in the hall outside…

…and what happens next is up to you!

A floating sky city! A magical ring! An army of crows! A dragon-riding, vengeance-seeking Lesbian! A cake themed asexual speakeasy! A fatal car chase! And the nefarious Consortium, hiding the truth behind Orientation Day! You get to choose! Where will your journey take you?