Written Language Production TEXT STRUCTURE, Part A: A guide of descriptive and narrative speech.


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Author: Kassotaki, Aliki
Publication Date: 09/15/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The book “Written Language Production – Text Structure, Part A” is an essential guide for every child to learn to express themselves clearly and coherently using different types of writing. Through vivid visual stimuli and by proposing an exciting range of topics, this book guides children in producing different kinds of descriptive and narrative speech. It helps them understand how to structure their thinking and link their ideas. It’s the third installment of the “Written Language Production” series.

Age Group: 7+

Based on the book’s guidelines, children learn to self-evaluate their writing while being encouraged to use rich vocabulary and a variety of structures and express themselves clearly and coherently in their speech.

The book you hold in your hands is an important tool for the child’s self-improvement in producing written language. Through this book, the student is taught the foundations of text structure and how to effectively self-evaluate their writing. Understanding the basic criteria for evaluating texts helps children understand how to structure their writing and better organize their thinking.

“Written Language Production – Text Structure, Part A” gives students the opportunity to express themselves in writing and practice with many different types of texts, including descriptive texts (descriptions of people, objects, buildings, animals, events, etc.) and narrative texts (story-telling, news reporting, narration of personal experiences, etc.). Through colorful and striking illustrations, outlines, and guidelines, the book provides children with exciting stimuli for producing written language through many interactive and entertaining activities.

Make written language production enjoyable and exciting for the child! Show them that writing is an endless adventure in the world of imagination!

The book’s goal is to guide children with learning difficulties and every other student toward successfully developing their texts and finding arguments and information for their essays while enriching them with beautiful vocabulary and the necessary coherent structure.