Writing of Where: Graffiti and the Production of Writing Spaces


SKU: 9780815637677
Author: Lesh, Charles N
Publication Date: 09/26/2022
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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In The Writing of Where, Charles Lesh examines how graffiti writers in Boston remake various spaces within and across the city. The spaces readers will encounter in this book are not just meaningful venues of writing, but also outcomes of writing itself: social spaces not just where writing happens but created because writing happens. Lesh contends that these graffiti spaces reinvent the writing landscape of the city and its public relationship with writing.

Each chapter introduces readers to different writing spaces: from bold and broadly visible spots along the highway to bridge underpasses seldom seen by non-writers; from inconspicuous notebooks writers call “bibles” to freight yards and model trains; from abandoned factories to benches where writers view trains. Between each chapter, readers will find “community interludes,” responses to the preceding chapters from some of the graffiti writers who worked on this project.

By working closely with writers engaged in the production of these spaces, as well as drawing on work invested in questions of geography, publics, and writing, Lesh identifies new models of community engagement and articulates a framework for the spatiality of the public work of writing and writing studies.