Worzzler (English, Advanced, 400 Puzzles) 2017.11: Word Search meets Sudoku


SKU: 9781981233335
Author: Elenesski Games
Publication Date: 12/03/2017
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The English Advanced Worzzler Puzzle book contains 400 puzzles from levels 1 to 5. Words are randomly selected from the Master dictionary and to get some free puzzles to try with our teaser PDF, which contains 79,250 words. For additional information, visit our website at http: //worzzler.com


WORZZLER is a word puzzle game where you have to find words that use all the letters in a grid without reusing any letter. Letters are connected, forward, backward, horizontally, vertically and at right angles to each other. Longer words often snake through the grid, making it hard to see them. There is always one guaranteed solution, but other solutions are possible depending on your vocabulary.

WORZZLER is a memory, word search, puzzle and deduction game and we think it is is similar to Sudoku, because each letter in the grid has a specific purpose in solving the larger puzzle. You will need a pencil or pen with an eraser, because you will see other words that aren’t part of any solution. However, if you can deduce a solution, that is different from ours, then your solution is also correct.

We plan on offering 9 language topics; English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Danish. Each topic contains dictionaries with 4 to 8 letter words, organized around the most popular words of the language. We’ve tried hard to remove inappropriate words, such as capitalized names and swear words. Puzzles are based on a specific dictionary, as shown below:

  • Easy has the fewest words, and is designed for young players (8+) and individuals learning a language.
  • Medium is good for most adults.
  • Hard will challenge individuals with college or university degrees, or equivalent knowledge.
  • Master has the most words, and is for individuals looking for a substantial challenge because it requires a vocabulary of many 10,000s of words, and due to the size of the dictionary, many of the words will be obscure.

Each topic has 13 varieties of puzzle books. We recommend you purchase the Sampler style book first. It offers 8 puzzles per level and dictionary (320 puzzles). It is designed to help new players figure out where “too hard” is for them, so that you can properly select which of the 12 remaining varieties will offer the right level of fun or challenge. These variations consist of three different puzzle books for each of the 4 dictionaries (the first 5 levels, the last 5 levels, or all 10 levels) with 400 puzzles each. Additional editions of these books may be created in the future. If you are new to WORZZLER and you see multiple editions, earlier editions will be as fun/hard as current ones.

Our website has much more information about our puzzle books and our computer game at http: //worzzler.com. The website, also contains, a free short teaser book with 20 puzzles from the Easy and Medium dictionaries in the English book. The PDF teaser will give you a taste of Worzzler, if you are not sure if these puzzles are right for you.

Good luck with our puzzles and please recommend us to your friends.