World-Systems Theory in Practice: Leadership, Production, and Exchange


SKU: 9780847691043
Editor: Kardulias, Nick P
Contribution by: Alexander, Rani T Feinman, Gary M Frank, Andre Gunder Hall, Thomas D Jeske, Robert J Kardulias, P Nick Kuznar, Lawrence A Lalone, Darrell Modelski, George Morris, Ian Peregrine, Peter Schortman, Edward M Shutes, Mark T Stein, Gil Thompson, William R Urban, Patricia a Wells, Peter
Publication Date: 12/23/1998
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In the quarter century since Wallerstein first developed world systems theory (WST), scholars in a variety of disciplines have adopted the approach to explain intersociety interaction on a grand scale. These essays bring to light archaeological data and analysis to show that many historic and prehistoric states lacked the mechanisms to dominate the distant (and in some cases, nearby) societies with which they interacted. Core/periphery exploitation needs to be demonstrated, not simply assumed, as the interdisciplinary dialogue which occurs in this volume demonstrates.