Witchcraft For Beginners: A Basic Guide for Modern Witches to Find Their Own Path and Start Practicing to Learn Spells and Magic Rituals Using E


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Author: Walker, Arthur J
Publication Date: 08/26/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Have you been curious to know more about witches and witchcraft, besides seeing them being depicted powerful people with the power to summon demons from the underworld and to spellbinding spells as shown in the movies?

And are you looking for a comprehensive, nonjudgmental guide that covers the ins and outs of witchcraft in simple, straightforward language?

If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…

Let This Book Usher You Into The World Of Modern Witches And Witchcraft, Including How You Too Can Start Casting Your Own Spells Using Esoteric And Occult Elements!

There are benefits to being a modern witch, and unfortunately, very few people understand that.

Quite understandably, people associate being a witch with riding a broomstick, hexing others or even worshiping the devil!

As a matter of fact, one dictionary describes a witch as a woman who has magic powers to do evil deeds!

But by the simple fact that you’re here, it means that you do understand that witches are far from that- at least in the modern sense- and that witchcraft can benefit you immensely and change your life for the better.

Witches connect with natural energies existing in the universe and utilize them to create desirable outcomes which don’t necessarily have to be evil. They heal, love, care, protect and comfort. So, if you’ve decided to become a witch, then you made the perfect choice and are at the right place.

By virtue that you are here, it is clear that you are looking for answers to all the questions going through your mind…

Are there different kinds of witches?

What do witches use to perform their acts/cast spells?

Do you need to do the stunts that you’ve seen in movies to be considered a witch?

Can you learn witchcraft and practice it as a complete beginner or do you have to be born a witch?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you so keep reading. You will get all the answers to all your questions as you learn every single detail you need about witchcraft to get started and sail through successfully- so keep reading!

You are about to learn the ins and outs of witchcraft to join safely and achieve your “magickal” goals in no time, and this beginners’ guide is here to ensure you do that effortlessly!

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover:

  • What witchcraft really means, and who witches are
  • How witchcraft came to be
  • The different types of witchcraft and witches
  • The most common and secret witchcraft terms you need to know
  • The foundational tasks you need to get started, including how to gather supplies and be open to magick
  • How to make your own magick to keep yourself safe, dismiss bad luck among many other goals

…and much more!

Your goal might be to protect yourself from negative or evil people and only attract positivity.

You might be looking to boost confidence, take part in a supportive community or even expand your knowledge about witchcraft.

Certainly, you might be seeking success in your life by transforming your mind!

Whatever your goal is, this book is here to ensure you achieve it with conviction, even if you feel clueless about all this.

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