Wicked and the Willing: An F/F Gothic Horror Vampire Novel


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Author: Tan, Lianyu
Publication Date: 05/13/2022
Publisher: Shattered Scepter Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A destitute maidservant must choose whom to love: her vampire mistress or the woman trying to save her life. In the Dream House meets The Ghost Bride in a provocative tale of seduction, violence, and despair from lesbian dark fantasy author Lianyu Tan.


1927, colonial Singapore


Monsters don’t scare Gean Choo. And there are monsters aplenty among the Europeans on sultry Singapore island, all of them running away from something-or someone.


When she starts her new job as a lady’s companion, she can’t imagine falling for the impassioned, demanding mistress of Ambrosia Hall, nor the gruff, brooding woman who serves as her lady’s majordomo.


The latter holds her heart; the former, her body, blood, and loyalty.


Both want her.


Both need her.


And one of them will die for her.




The Wicked and the Willing is a standalone, F/F steamy historical gothic horror vampire novel with a love triangle, a choice of endings and no cliffhangers. This novel contains two mutually exclusive endings, although most of the story is not interactive. Due to the mature content and dark themes, it is intended for adult readers only. It contains potentially disturbing scenes and an abusive romantic relationship between two women. Further content information is available from the author’s website, lianyutan.com