Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health


SKU: 9780989066204
Author: Chambers, Becky
Publication Date: 04/01/2013
Publisher: Vibrant Health
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In Whole Body Vibration, natural-health practitioner Becky Chambers
gives us a comprehensive guide to WBV, including the effect of vibration
on muscles, the myriad benefits of WBV, and a guide to WBV machines.
WBV boosts energy, mood, sleep, and libido, all while increasing muscle
strength, bone density, balance, and flexibility. It helps you lose weight
and offers dramatic physical therapy for many joint and mobility issues.
With her engaging and accessible style, Chambers presents a
well-documented book that includes additional resources for the
reader. Whole Body Vibration provides the answers you have been seeking
to achieve wellness on every level.

Becky Chambers, BS, M.Ed, is a naturopath, teacher, author, and the
president and owner of Vibrant Health, where she specializes in the
breakthrough body, mind, and energy therapy of Whole Body Vibration.
As the first and most experienced exper t in Whole Body Vibration in the
Northeast, Becky is the area’s foremost provider of this revolutionary
technology. See more at www.BCVibrantHealth.comom