What does not exist is invented in Production


SKU: 9786206939122
Author: Segovia, Rafael
Publication Date: 12/19/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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I consider the work of a producer, especially that of commercials, to be a very broad discipline. We could say that it is about commitment, together with the use and development of skills, especially mental skills, necessary in the planning of tasks and the resolution of problems or adverse situations, in order to achieve a goal. Over the years, these developed skills have helped me to apply them not only in my professional life, but they have also helped me and even become a rule in my personal life. As producers we are subjected to a significant amount of stress, although the process is similar in every commercial, the problems that can occur are very different, no commercial is the same as another, something always goes wrong when it shouldn’t go wrong.