What Does God Think?: Transgender People and The Bible


SKU: 9780995180741
Author: Evans, Cheryl B
Foreword by: Martin, Colby
Publication Date: 09/10/2017
Publisher: Cheryl B. Evans
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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From the award winning author of I Promised Not to Tell comes this thought provoking new book, What Does God Think? Presented with the idea that her transgender child was “not of God”, Cheryl B. Evans set out to see what God really thinks about transgender people. What does the Bible say? Why is there such a big divide among Christians? Why do some Christians insist there is no such thing as a transgender person while other Christians accept and affirm transgender people? And most importantly, what does God think?

This is an invitation to examine the scriptures and give consideration to the social, cultural, and scientific facts that impact what we believe, and the way we internally feel about transgender people.

Cheryl B. Evans handles this controversial topic with grace and compassion for people on both sides of this debate.

If you have been struggling to understand how someone can be Christian and still accept and affirm transgender people then this book is for you. If you know someone who is struggling to accept a love one who has come out as trans, this would be the perfect book to recommend.

“Cheryl Evans did an outstanding job writing What Does God Think?: Transgender People and the Bible. Highly Recommended” 5 Stars Readers’ Favorite