Welfare: It’s Impact on Productivity and Motivation of Employees


SKU: 9786205521526
Author: Kare, Amol
Publication Date: 03/08/2023
Publisher: Scholars' Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The study provides an insight into the labor welfare facilities provided by the Large-scale Automobile Industry in Maharashtra. Moreover, from the study, the level of motivation experienced by employees in the Large-scale Automobile Industry in Maharashtra will also be realized. This will be of interest to the employers of these companies, as it will make them aware of the importance of providing labor welfare facilities, which facilities need to be improved upon, the extent of job satisfaction experienced by their employees, and how satisfaction at work can be enhanced. The study will make the employers realize that the labor welfare facilities act as a key for the workers and will motivate them to work in a laudable manner. Furthermore, through the study, these companies will be able to realize which factors of motivation need to be improved, so that appropriate measures can be taken to improve the productivity of the employees. Moreover, the study can assist employers to arrive at policy decisions that will ensure efficiency in the enterprise, make workers work in the best interest of the company, and retain their loyalties with the company.