Urban Gothic 2


SKU: 9780692144978
Author: Goodman, Jason P
Publication Date: 09/11/2018
Publisher: Alchemy Studio, Inc-Fine Literary Works
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This is the second compliation of short stories from the mind, life and travels of Jason Goodman. All of the material in this book is based on factual events, in some cases the names have been changed to avoid long, protracted legal problems.You are invited to explore the case of the wayward sour dough culture that assumed the dimensions of a refrigerator interior. Then move on to the first known winery established in a dormitory at a major university in Florida. Step back in time when Jason served in the United States Navy and find out why LSD an a bag of volley balls are not compatible.Jason has that ability to relate a story, each one is carefully crafted to create a vivid picture of the event. He has revived the old practice of ” story telling ” and textured it to fit our modern age.It is not a prerequisite to read URBAN GOTHIC, the first volume in this series, but it will flesh out and compliment some of the tails in this book.Some of these stories are definitely for an adult audience, they deal with subject matter that may be found offensive to some, and describe some activities that used to be held in high taboo. But for the most part just relax and enjoy a few good laughs. The absurdity that Jason has collected in this volume is basic human behavior, everyday events and interrelated actions that just so happened to occur with the author in the frame of reference.The first volume, URBAN GOTHIC was funny, this followup is proving to be even better. With some of the stories reflecting a study in psychology. Close observation by the author that has been turned into the written word.