University, advanced studies and socio-productive spaces


SKU: 9786206206835
Author: Acosta, José
Publication Date: 07/04/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The impetus of the onto-epistemological constructions that emerge from the Territorial Polytechnic Universities offers possible readings to enhance the reform of thinking in the actors of advanced studies. A transformation that favors affective proxemia and energizes the sensitive fiber of the human. This implies visualizing the advanced studies imbricated with the socio-productive spaces, which would make possible the rupture with the disciplinary logic, constituted in the postgraduate studies. Hence, we enter into the fabric of perspectives such as transdisciplinarity and complexity as epistemological referents. From these perspectives, an awakening of consciousness in the actors of advanced studies would be promoted to take the first steps towards transdisciplinary research, contributing to the transversalization of university knowledge with popular and daily knowledge, as well as to the assumption of a pedagogical practice from the social-dialectic approach. In synthesis, the emergence of this interweaving is postulated as a possible route of transit towards an emancipating thought as an epistemic framework, inclusive of the lived.