Unifying Business, Data, and Code: Designing Data Products with Json Schema


SKU: 9781098145002
Author: Itelman, Ron Viotti, Juan Cruz
Publication Date: 03/05/2024
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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How can we harness the powerful principles of intelligence to foster innovation and collaboration, especially among non-data scientists? This book outlines a practical methodology to help you learn fundamental concepts underlying the study of intelligence, including AI and human intelligence, so you can achieve goals faster.

After conducting extensive research with data scientists, business analysts, and data engineers, authors Ron Itelman and Juan Cruz Viotti learned three specific key activities: assess, analyze, and align, to augment innovation where Agile isn’t meeting the specific needs of business, data, and code teams.

This guide shows how to collaborate more effectively and design intelligent systems without having to become a data scientist. Map your team, objectives, data, actions, and outcomes as a holistic network and discover connections that may not always be obvious. You’ll learn how to reveal hidden root problems and explain how information flows across your organizational networks in order to innovate better, faster.

  • Use an innovation and collaborative methodology grounded in principles of intelligence
  • Create data schemas, data products, and data contracts, and design better data experiences
  • Build a wisdom graph, which combines high-level knowledge, people, processes, objectives, and outcomes, for a focused data science approach to innovation
  • Integrate your wisdom graph with ChatGPT and learn about large language model innovation opportunities