Tufti the Priestess. Live Stroll Through A Movie


SKU: 9785957334729
Translator: Dobson, Joanna
Author: Zeland, Vadim
Publication Date: 11/12/2018
Publisher: Ves Publishing Group
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Meet the new world sensation. It’s Tufti.Why is it that nothing seems to work out the way you want it to, despitethe fact that you act according to your own free will? You might think thatthe reason why nothing is working out the way you want, is because that’sjust how life is. But the real reason things don’t work out the way you wantthem to, is because you aren’t acting according to your own free will -you are being directed by a script. Another reason things don’t work outthe way people want them to, is because they don’t know how to take theright action to shape events the way they want. Rather than composing thereality of the upcoming fi lm roll, they tend to battle with the reality theyface in the current frame. Reality exists only in the here and now, and whatis real is real only to the extent that it has taken place in the material world.You cannot change what has already happened. Yet when you fi ght withyour current reality, that is exactly what you are doing, because everythingthat surrounds you consists of something that has already happened. Ifyou want to change the script, you have to wake up and come alive insidethe movie.Translation from the Russian language by Joanna Dobson
Author web: https: //zelands.co