Tribute to Leather


SKU: 9781934625279
Author: Trevor, Christopher
Publication Date: 08/01/2009
Publisher: Nazca Plains Corporation
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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From uniforms to dungeons, from ruthless tops to hapless bottoms, from the LA scene to the classical music scene, Larry Townsend covered it all, if indeed he didn’t start it all. This book is homage to Mr. Townsend and his memory. He was a pioneer in the early writings of BDSM and Leather Culture. Larry Townsend was best known as the author of “The Leatherman’s Handbook” and “The Leatherman’s Handbook 2. The original was published in 1972 by Olympia Press. “The Leatherman’s Handbook 2 was published ten years later by Carlyle Communications. Over the subsequent years Larry wrote over forty books (novels and anthologies.) In the early seventies Mr. Townsend established his own small press, L.T. Publications and under this imprint published seventy-four large format books. These books contained his own stories and those of other talented writers, including: Victor Terry, Macbeth and other well-known authors who wrote for these collections under pseudonyms. Although most of Larry’s books