Trans Allyship Workbook: Building Skills – Shlasko, Davey


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Author: Shlasko, Davey
Illustrator: Hofius, Kai
Publication Date: 10/01/2017
Publisher: Think Again Training
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Revised, updated and expanded for 2017 – the new Trans Allyship Workbook is everything you’ve been wanting to read about trans allyship! A workbook to help you build your understanding of trans communities and develop concrete skills for supporting trans people in your life, with over 100 pages of explanation, activities, illustrations and reflections including –

  • New sections on intersectionality, singular they, and philosophies of allyship
  • Tips and “best practices” for the special allyship situations of parents, teachers, healthcare providers and therapists
  • Tons of new color illustrations
  • New activities – it really is a “workbook” – to help you deepen and practice your allyship skills
  • Extensive glossary to get updated on recent evolutions in trans terminology
  • Resource lists to help you take the next steps in your learning, whether for personal or professional development