Toyota Production System Re-contextualized


SKU: 9781847534774
Author: Berengueres, Jose
Publication Date: 05/10/2007
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Five years, 100 interviews. The adventures of a Barcelonian in the depths of corporate Japan, T.O.Y.O.T.A…. Now, its secrets revealed to you. The culture, the history and why it has become a global powerhouse. How this book can help me? This book will help you understand how to successfully deploy the Toyota Production System in a non-Japanese work place. Whether you are Japanese manager or not if you struggle deploying a true Toyota culture this book is for you: Best practices on – Poka-yoke – 5S – Push / Pull – Kanban – The A3 / P.D.C.A method – Visual Management – Waste – Genchi-Genbutsu – Production Management Sheet – How-to A3 report – Value Stream Mapping Jose Berengueres is PhD in engineering by Tokyo Institute of Technology, has worked in Japan for five years. He speaks fluent Japanese. Currently is Assistant Professor at UAE University.