Toxic Microbiome: Animal Products and the Demise of the Digestive Ecosystem


SKU: 9781032065120
Author: Schwitalla, Sarah
Publication Date: 10/10/2022
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Gut microbiomes are dynamic communities varying from population to population and throughout life. In Western societies, a toxic metabolic shift of gut microbiomes is a driver and underestimated risk factor for the development of many noncommunicable chronic pathologies. This book identifies the root cause of these deleterious microbial changes. During the last several decades, increased consumption of animal products, coinciding and correlating with global climate change, has been a contributing cause of undesirable gut microbiome changes.

Key Features

  • Establishes a connection between poor gut microbiome health and chronic disease and cancer development
  • Demonstrates how animal products and low-fiber diet patterns induce a detrimental metabolic transition of the gut microbiome from a human health-maintaining towards a disease-promoting state
  • Discusses the opportunity of a toxic microbial metabolic signature as a powerful clinical and diagnostic tool to effectively predict chronic disease and cancer development
  • Provides the latest evidence on different strategies to rebuild a healthy microbiome metabolism and effectively prevent noncommunicable diseases and colorectal cancer
  • Documents the gut microbiome benefits of a plant-based diet