Towards Sustainability in the Wine Industry by Valorization of Waste Products: Bioactive Extracts


SKU: 9781032465852
Editor: Pamela Zorro Mateus, Patricia Joyce Garcés Polo, Siby Inés
Publication Date: 08/01/2023
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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This volume in our Sustainability: Contributions through Science and Technology series reviews the use of alternative green technologies (pressurized liquid and super-critical fluid extractions) for grape biomass valorization. Environmental sustainability and circular economy are discussed in relation to agro-industrial waste in the winemaking industry. The waste contaminates water and soil and, in large quantities, it has been related to bad odors, a high content of organic matter in water, and greenhouse gas emissions over the entire winemaking industry. Here, the authors illustrate how green extraction of commercially valuable substances can be scaled up at an industrial level.


  • Reports on waste valorization in the winemaking industry and converting the waste into more useful products including oils, antioxidants and other valuable materials
  • Explores research which contributes to environmental sustainability and circular economy in the winemaking industry
  • Describes other ways to reduce the ecological footprint of the wine industry such as using less fertilizer, more benign pesticides and reduction of water footprint
  • Proposes options for a potential wine waste biorefining.
  • Reviews alternative uses of agro-industrial wine wastes as sources of additives for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.