Tourism and Migration: New Relationships Between Production and Consumption (2002)


SKU: 9781402004544
Editor: Hall, C M Williams, A M
Publication Date: 02/28/2002
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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The origins of this book lie in a project of the International Geographical Union Study Group on the Geography of Sustainable Tourism. The theme, Tourism and migration’, reflects the growing interests of tourism geographers – in common with other geographers and social scientists – to reach across traditional cleavages in the way research is undertaken and knowledge is formed. In this instance, the aim was to connect the largely discrete research domains of tourism studies and migration. This was informed not only by awareness of the limitations of disciplinary barriers, but also by the growing need to respond to the emergence of new forms of mobility and circulation, which fitted uncomfortably into many of the analytical categories of tourism and migration studies. The extension of property rights across boundaries (e.g. second homes, vacation homes and time shares), space-time convergence, changing approaches to work and leisure, and structural changes in economies and the demographic profiles of societies are only some of the factors which have generated these new forms of mobility. These serve to bind places and individuals in new and challenging ways with implication for both movers and stayers. The various chapters of this volume bring together a range of dimensions and locations within which to study the relationships between tourism and migration.