Todd Sweeney: The Fiend of Fleet High (F – Pratt, David


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Author: Pratt, David
Publication Date: 04/02/2019
Publisher: Hosta Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Every boy needs an ally who will kill for him. And no boy could have a better ally than Todd Sweeney. When Todd’s best friend, Toby Ragg, is threatened by guidance counselor Ashford Squeers, Todd swings into action. But he swings just a bit too hard. Enter best pal Nellie Lovett, who has very creative ideas for making the mess disappear. But then Fleet High bad boy Ryan Plouf threatens Toby and Nellie. Suddenly, Ryan is missing, too, and local cop Tarron Littey is asking some very inconvenient questions. Meanwhile, Toby’s parents threaten to put him in a gay conversion camp. Can Todd and Nellie save Toby before the cops discover just what happened to Fleet High’s worst? To find out, dig in and devour Todd Sweeney. And yes, it’s okay to use your hands.