To Do List: Reduces Stress and Increases Productivity (An Easy to Use to Do List Formula to Save Hours of Your Time)


SKU: 9781774859742
Author: Rouse, Steven
Publication Date: 11/08/2022
Publisher: Zoe Lawson
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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You know it will happen if you just squeeze in some time for it in the day. But isn’t more time the one thing you keep running after and searching for? Even when you have all the necessary resources and action plans, you still fail to do it. Ever wondered why? What if the culprit is more than just your lazy bum? What if you really don’t have the time or energy for it? Here’s the thing: the way you schedule tasks and goals and the way they are accomplished or delegated plays a crucial role. In a way, you can say it is directly proportional to your success or failure.

Here’s what you can expect from this book:

  • Learn how successful people manage their time and keep track of their tasks.
  • Find out why the world’s most successful people don’t keep to do lists.
  • See first-hand how successful people track their time using an everyday calendar.
  • Learn how to prioritise every single task on your list.
  • Find diagrams, illustrations, worked examples, and calendar templates.
  • Make the transition from unmanageable to do lists to a perfectly organised calendar.

Achieving goals and ramping up your productivity amidst all of this seems impossible.

Maybe you even created a to-do list in the past only to get discouraged after it grew to become over 10 feet long. The last thing you want to hear right now is that you need to indulge in a to-do list makeover!