Time Management: Self-Development Guide For Goal-Setting Discipline, Enhanced Concentration And Productivity (Utilizing Time Blocking T


SKU: 9781837874828
Author: Jennings, Ricardo
Publication Date: 05/14/2023
Publisher: Sawyer Jervis
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Time management skills are essential for success, as they help plan and manage one’s time to achieve academic and personal objectives.

This compilation includes sixteen chapters. In the first chapters, time management is explicitly defined, including its working principles, fundamental techniques, and significance. Prioritization is also defined, and the fundamental techniques for doing so effectively are listed and explained. In addition, the causes of procrastination are explained so that readers can avoid it. Similarly, productivity levels can be increased by taking basic measures.

The solution lies in effective time management. Time management can mean the difference between failure and success in an individual’s life, so if you want to be successful, this is the book for you!