Time Management: Achieve Your Goals & Reduce Stress With This Productivity & Organization Guide (Maximize Efficiency, Master Time Manag


SKU: 9781835731833
Author: Topalidis
Publication Date: 11/20/2023
Publisher: Micheal Kannedy
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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These technological innovations have emerged as significant sources of distraction in our daily lives. Individuals sometimes find themselves spending excessive amounts of time engrossed in electronic devices and various distractions, thereby detracting from the time that could be allocated towards endeavors aimed at cultivating the prosperity, well-being, and contentment that they rightfully deserve.

You’re going to learn tried-and-true methods for applying the double layering technique to manage your time more efficiently. You may be making things too difficult for yourself if your daily schedule is causing you stress. People who are under stress often put off doing things, which ultimately leads to much more stress in their lives. I’m going to show you in this book how to use the time management strategy known as double layering to reduce stress and increase your daily productivity.

One thing about time that we all know: it never stops! In addition, each person’s day consists of the same amount of hours. This implies that our actions are ultimately what really counts. Obviously, having good time management increases your chances of leading an outstanding life. That remarkable life is yours to have!