Time and Mind Management for Increased Productivity: Maintain Your Attention and Focus


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Author: Allen, Richard
Publication Date: 06/11/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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In a digital era, reclaim your agency.
How frequently have you responded to the phone today?

We’ve formed an unshakable attachment with our digital devices during the past 20 years. Every day, we spend hours in front of screens switching between articles, applications, and websites.

There is a price for this. Our ability to focus has decreased, and we experience greater levels of stress. In fact, it might feel like our attention is completely out of our hands with our phones buzzing with notifications, emails arriving every few minutes, and corporate companies preying on our most basic impulses. Disconnecting, however, is impossible-at least if you want to maintain your employment or social life.

What can you then do? This short guide should be useful. We’ll explore behavioral science studies to show how the digital age has altered the way that we pay attention. Finally, we’ll look at how we might use that information to take back control – for the sake of increased productivity, and for improved wellbeing.

So let’s get started with it.