Timber Production and Biodiversity Conservation in Tropical Rain Forests (Revised)


SKU: 9780521607629
Author: Johns, Andrew Grieser
Foreword by: Burley, Jeffrey
Publication Date: 08/19/2004
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Timber production is often the most economic form of land use in areas of tropical forest: forest preservation is rarely so. The area of tropical forest reserved for timber production exceeds that of National Parks and other preserved areas by a ratio of at least 8:1. Although often poorly managed to date, production forests have the potential to support a high percentage of natural forest biodiversity. They have a vital role to play in conservation strategies. This book attempts to bridge the current gap between conservation requirements and commercial interests, indicating the possibilities for integrated management of tropical forests. The aim is to develop a justification and practical approach for the management of production forest as a supplement to totally-protected forest in the conservation of tropical biodiversity.