Temptation University


SKU: 9781466431461
Author: Roeder, Mark a
Publication Date: 10/12/2011
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Brendan is beginning his college football career at Indiana University in Bloomington, but his relationship with his high-school-age boyfriend, Casper, is strained. Brendan knew parting from Casper would be tough, but he didn’t count on the temptations of a major Midwestern university. He’s surrounded by hot young men and the hottest of them all is his very own team-mate and the quarterback of the IU football team, Gabrial Diaddio. Brendan knows he’s in trouble the moment his eyes fall on Gabrial. When Gabrial begins to pursue him, Brendan’s troubles only deepen and he begins to wonder if he should keep up his long distance relationship with Casper or free himself to explore the sexy, college boys who surround and entice him. Marc is bold, openly gay, and still in high school, but when he meets Dorian his confidence in his ability to be himself is shaken. Marc is a skater and soccer jock. Dorian is incredibly sexy and cute, but he’s also stereotypically gay. Marc finds himself drawn to Dorian, but when Marc’s team-mates give him a hard time about his new “girlfriend” he has second thoughts. Should he suffer the taunts and ridicule of his team-mates or push Dorian away to protect his reputation as a jock?