Teachers and Schooling Making a Difference: Productive Pedagogies, Assessment and Performance


SKU: 9781741145717
Author: Christie, Pam Lingard, Bob
Publication Date: 04/01/2006
Publisher: Routledge
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Teachers + Schooling Making a Difference takes seriously the question that teachers ask, ‘What do I do on Monday?’ and does provide answers.’

From the foreword by Professor Michael Apple, University of Wisconsin

Education debates are currently dominated by free-market ideologists who push privatisation and competition as the answer to every problem, regardless of damage to schools and pupils. Teachers + Schooling Making a Difference shows that we can think about education in a far more productive way.’

Professor R.W.Connell, University of Sydney

This book is a lesson in making hope practical.It makes a compelling argument for recognising, supporting and enabling teachers as central to progressive school reform.’

Professor Jenny Ozga, University of Edinburgh

What teachers do in the classroom really matters, even though schools cannot compensate fully for difficulties children may face at home and in society. Good teachers and good schools have been making a difference in children’s lives for generations, but what exactly is it that works?

Based on extensive research in 1000 primary and secondary classrooms, this book examines the tough questions about teaching methods, curriculum, assessment and teachers’ professionalism. The authors isolate the key elements that make the difference in the classroom, and offer teachers practical approaches to working with all their students.

Teachers and Schools Making a Difference is essential reading for teachers and school administrators who want to improve their professional skills and offer a genuinely democratic education.