Take Down Portraits: Drawings and Portraits by Larry Stanton


SKU: 9781678078737
Artist: Stanton, Larry
Author: Smith, Winthrop
Publication Date: 04/20/2021
Publisher: Lulu.com
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Takedown. Definition 1: ‘To get into one’s hands control or possession.’ The portraits of artist Larry Stanton, (website larrystanton.net), display his eventual mastery of crayon, pen, and brush as he confronted opportunities to record what he saw, whether in his studio, or at a Village diner. Definition 2: ‘A wrestling manoeuvre through which an opponent is swiftly brought to the mat from a standing position.’ His sitters were never opponents, were unlikely to be standing, but strangers whom he noticed, friends, and/or well known men in the arts, such as the poets Donald Britton and Tim Dlugos, the playwright/actor/director Charles Ludlam, the writers Brad Gooch and Dennis Cooper, the critic Oleg Kerensky. His portraits, thrown onto a canvas mat, pinned their likenesses. Definition 3: ‘Having the capability of being taken down or taken apart.’ Fighting his own demons, Larry could, and did, look deeply into himself, and into others, when drawing and painting them, dragging those insights up into the image surface. This is a book about the portraits, the drawings, and paintings, by Larry Stanton, 1947-1984. It consists of what I call ‘duets, ‘ or conversations which I imagined taking place in his studio while he was working with each of his sitters.