T4t Issue


SKU: 9781478017516
Editor: Awkward-Rich, Cameron Malatino, Hil
Publication Date: 02/17/2022
Publisher: Duke University Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Originating in Craigslist personals to indicate a trans person seeking another trans person, the term “t4t” has come to describe not only circuits of desire and attraction but also practices of trans solidarity and mutual aid. Contributors to this issue investigate the multiple meanings associated with t4t, considering both its potential and its shortcomings. They explore forms of Black trans kinship, consider the possibilities and limits of trans crowdfunding, theorize transmasculine pornography as a site of identity formation, and critique t4t spaces that allow for abuse or exploitation. Because t4t names a type of separatism, it carries risks such as identity policing, the prioritization of one aspect of identity over others, and difficulty engaging in strategic coalition. And yet, in a world that remains hostile to trans forms of life, t4t also circulates as a promising practice of love, repair, and healing.

Contributors. Cassius Adair, Aren Aizura, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Chris Barcelos, Cynthia Citlallín Delgado Huitrón, Lauren Fournier, Vox Jo Hsu, Christopher Joseph Lee, Amira Lundy-Harris, Hil Malatino, Amy Marvin, Isaac Preiss, Amir Rabiyah, Nicholas Reich