Sympathy Innovation for Phronesis: Global Deployment of Social Productivity for Work Teams on Production Sites (2021)


SKU: 9789811614620
Author: Nowatari, Masahiro
Publication Date: 08/09/2022
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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This book explores social productivity in work teams on production sites, with an eye toward human welfare. It focuses especially on “sympathy management” by the use of multivariate analysis in a worldwide social survey. Manufacturing production sites have many work teams, and their activities support productivity.

Productivity, however, is evaluated only by the production system. Therefore, the social system’s sympathy evaluation as teamwork in the work team is completely disregarded by management activity. Management recognizes this social system and must upgrade teamwork as a social system from tacit to explicit knowledge as an appraisal system. Thus, this new paradigm significantly contributes to industrial society beyond conventional management. The work team’s social system functions in a production system and affects team productivity. Therefore, it must take a bird’s-eye view of social productivity as an overall strategy.

Social productivity has two appraisal criteria, the social system’s sympathy and the production system’s productivity. Increasing explicit knowledge of sympathy as teamwork requires the perspective of human-social science. Social productivity has been verified through global deployment by social research and case studies and contributes to humankind’s welfare on sustainable development goals and ISO56000, an innovation management system. Social productivity can also decrease opportunity loss based on ignoring the social system of the work team.