Surviving Becky(s): Pedagogies for Deconstructing Whiteness and Gender


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Editor: Matias, Cheryl E
Contribution by: Bhattacharya, Kakali Brice, Darryl A
Publication Date: 12/17/2019
Publisher: Lexington Books
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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The infamous rise in characterizations of white women as Becky(s) is a modern phenomenon, different from past characterizations like the Miss Anne types. But just who embodies the Becky? Why is it important to understand, especially with regards to anti-racism and racial justice? Understanding that learning, even discussing, dynamics of race and gender are oftentimes met with discomfort and emotional resistance, this creative, yet theoretical book merges social science analyses with literary short stories as a way to more effectively teach about the impact of whiteness and gender. Additionally, the book includes guiding questions so that readers can critically reflect on the behaviors of Becky(s) and how they impact the hope for racial harmony. Designed specifically for both educational spaces and the larger society, the author, an educational researcher and former classroom teacher, approaches the topic of race and gender, specifically whiteness and white women, in a nuanced manner. By borrowing from traditions found in critical race theory and teacher education, this book offers both counterstories and anecdotes that can help people better understand the dynamics behind race and gender.