Super Productive Leader: Time Management Strategies for the Digital Age


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Author: Rosario, Samuel
Publication Date: 04/13/2023
Publisher: Samuel Rosario
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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For more than a decade, Sam Rosario has studied the deepest concepts of Time Management and Productivity. In his early twenties, he was promoted to an executive position and has lead over 400 major projects. His success has been so powerful that people have asked him to teach them his time management strategies.

Since then, Sam Rosario has become a consultant for executives, CEO’s, and business owners, who are now experiencing more productive, richer, successful and prosperous lives, thanks to the skills he has taught them. Many clients call him “The Time Doctor” because he’s cured them of things such as procrastination and lack of productivity in every area of their lives.

Through the decade-long research of studies and major discoveries, you’ll learn, not only to be a productive leader, but a Super Productive Leader. In this book you’ll learn to:

  • Master your time like a Pro – no fluff or sugar-coating.
  • Become the most productive person in your field.
  • Have the best memory you can possibly have.
  • Add an extra 40 hours of time to every month of your life.
  • Have more accomplished with better results.
  • Become a high-performance leader.

Get a copy now and absorb the most cutting-edge Time Management strategies.