Subsea International ’93: Low Cost Subsea Production Systems


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Editor: Jones, Brian A Society for Underwater Technology
Other: Society for Underwater Technology
Publication Date: 04/30/1993
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Session One: Technical Refinement. Low Cost, Autonomous, Subsea Water Injection Systems; W.D. Loth, C. Walker. Flexible Pipeline Systems: the Way Forward; E. McGennis, A. Marion. The Towed Pipeline Technique as a means of Installing a Connected Structure; C. Smith. Future Riser Requirements, a Low Cost Solution; A. Brackenridge. MANTA – a Bottom Line Concept; R. Barnes. Session Two: Technical Innovation. Building in Cost Saving – Diver Reconnectable Umbilical Weak Link Protection System; M.G. Warren. Subsea Metering for Fiscal Allocation and Well Test Applications; W.G. Edwards. Flexible Pipe Materials for Aggressive Hydrocarbon Applications; J.T. Hill, J.C. Measamer. Development of a Gas Expander Generator for Subsea Power Generation; P. O’Connell. Autonomous Control System (SPARCS) for Low Cost Subsea Production Systems; M. Theobold. Session Three: Project Management and Risk Minimisation. Impacts of Weather and Climate on the Offshore Industry; J.C. Thomson. Total Project Concepts for Subsea Developments; C.D. Moss, L.A. Adam. The Client/Contractor Relationship: Is Trust an Outmoded Concept? J. Lane. Hyde – Sharing Risk and Rewards; C. Rhodes, D. Finch. Risk Management in the Oil Industry: Indemnities and Insurance; C. Sprague.