Study on product development in the dairy industry in RS


SKU: 9786205826317
Author: Araujo, Rubilene
Publication Date: 03/24/2023
Publisher: Our Knowledge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The Brazilian consumer profile is to seek foods with higher added value, which indicates a tendency to increase the consumption of processed products that are marked by innovation and differentiation, to meet mainly market trends linked to health, nutrition and consumer convenience. In the food industry, innovation is closely linked to technological advances and R&D activities. Thus, the objective of this book consists in evaluating which are the main stages that compose the process of products development (PDP) in the dairy industry, in order to subsidize the measurement of the degree of difficulty for execution of the main stages and activities of this process in agroindustries processors for dairy products in RS. This work showed that most dairy processing companies in RS are small and have private capital. These, in its totality, had developed at least one new product in the last five years and they had glimpsed that the stages of the development of new products that present greater difficulty for execution are distributed throughout the whole process, and not in a specific phase.