study of emerging trends in product positioning policies of print media


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Author: Suyog, Karuna
Publication Date: 01/12/2023
Publisher: Infotech
Binding: Paperback
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Main Purpose: The basic aim of this research “A Study of Emerging Trends in

Product Positioning Policies of Print Media ” is to understand the changing

the scenario of newspapers in the competitive environment. Newspaper companies

are facing tremendous competition from other media like Television, Radio,

Social Media, the Internet, etc., and in recent years newspapers are losing their

readership very fast. The readers are changing their lifestyles and expectations from

newspapers and their need for news content is getting solved by other media,

hence, newspaper companies are adopting various techniques to maintain their

positioning as earlier.

In the current study customer feedback is considered for analysis. The close

ended questionnaires are prepared to understand what is the readers brand

preference, which factors readers are considering while selecting any brand,

whether readers are accepting the changes in newspapers etc. this helped in

understanding the reader’s connectivity with newspaper brand, their perspective

about the paper etc.