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Author: Miya, C
Publication Date: 06/05/2023
Publisher: C.Miya
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The human body is an incredible marvel, with seemingly endless complex mechanisms. The study of the brain processes that regulate, shape, and modify human activities is gaining a lot of interest these days. Surprisingly little study has been done with athletes despite the broad popularity, lengthy history, and enormous societal influence of sports. Despite this, psychologists from all around the globe are exploring the field’s psychological elements critically and passionately. This makes me doubt our current understanding of sports psychology.

However, we are not in a mediaeval time period any more (see 1.2). We may predict the future successes of the athletically talented by analysing their behaviours and using logical criteria. Research involving athletes and their settings is becoming more common and practical.

1.3 In reality, when taken at its most generic level, the word “sport” includes both recreational and competitive pursuits. In the same way that competition has increased in every facet of human existence, athletes and their respective countries have worked harder than ever to reach the top. The Olympics and other global sporting events might provide support for this claim.

The field of sports psychology applies psychological theories, practices, and research to enhance athletes’ performance. Sports psychology attracts students from many areas of life who want to better understand players and the competitive sports industry. Journalists often dive into the mysteries of understanding astonishing athletic feats, and sportscasters and experts on radio and television frequently examine the employment of psychological techniques before and during competition. Both coaches and players should have this attitude.