Spice and Herb Production in Greenhouses


SKU: 9798215460931
Author: Nadel, Barry
Publication Date: 01/12/2023
Publisher: Barry Dr. Nadel
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Unlock the Secrets of Bountiful Greenhouse Spice and Herb Production! Dive into ‘Spice and Herb Production in Greenhouses: The Updated Guide to Organic Growing, ‘ your essential companion for a thriving greenhouse garden. This second edition unveils the complete journey, from crucial foundations like plant protection and climate considerations, to the art of nurturing vibrant spices and herbs. What sets this manual apart is its revolutionary Alternative To Organic (ATO) approach, revolutionizing your harvest. Quality is paramount, and this guide empowers you to achieve premium crops. The final chapter is your masterclass in harvesting and storage. Elevate your greenhouse game and savor the taste of success with this invaluable resource. Cultivate excellence, one herb at a time!”