Sorcerer and the Assassin


SKU: 9781954841574
Author: O'Shea, Stephen
Publication Date: 01/11/2023
Publisher: Cutting Edge Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A breath-taking new, medieval thriller in the tradition of The Name of the Rose and Game of Thrones by acclaimed historian Stephen O’Shea.

The year is 1242. Dominican inquisitors are traveling in France, persecuting and torturing suspected heretics. But then someone starts killing the Inquisitors….and whoever it is must be stopped before the fanatical Dominicans wreak their brutal revenge, provoking the people to rise in revolt against the French Crown for allowing the bloodshed. So the Crown sends Balian of Mallorca, a notorious alchemist/physician/polyglot who many believe to be a sorcerer, to Languedoc to solve the perplexing mystery. Along the way, Balian gains an unlikely partner in his investigations, a possibly clairvoyant noblewoman who disguises herself as a man…and they are plunged into a violent conspiracy of betrayal, deception, greed and lust that could cost them their lives…and spark a massacre.

Praise for The Sorcerer and the Assassin:

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this marvelous tale! You have found a treasure. It’s a thrilling mystery filled with surprising twists and unspeakable evil that reaches an ingenious conclusion.” Charles Todd(TM), author of the Inspector Rutledge Mysteries and the Bess Crawford Mysteries

“Stephen O’Shea has created a murder mystery that fully immerses the reader in the Middle Ages. Featuring a unique setting rich with gritty detail and well-drawn characters, this medieval tale delivers a historical take on the detective thriller that drips with authenticity and heart-stopping dread.” Boyd Morrison, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Lawless Land

“A fast-paced medieval mystery, featuring an intriguing detective with secrets of his own. The setting of Languedoc in the aftermath of the Cathar crusade and French invasion is one that is little known. Readers may be surprised to find that medieval life was as varied as ours today.” Sharan Newman, Medieval historical and Macavity Award winning author of the Catherine LeVendeur series set in 12th century France

“A gripping medieval detective story that pulls you into the horrors of the Inquisition. A compelling read featuring a fascinating team of investigators, twisting through a labyrinthine plot with their lives at stake.” Rick Mofina, USA Today bestselling author

“Meticulously researched, beautifully written, and brimming with sensuality, heresy, and as many intrigues as the Trump West Wing, Stephen O Shea’s The Sorcerer and the Assassin flings open a window on the bloody religious manias of 13th century France. The book makes for irresistible reading.” Eli Gottlieb, author of Best Boy

“Historical fiction completes the tapestry outlined by sterile names, places and dates; and Stephen O’Shea is a master weaver. A noted historian, he has created a fast-paced story with a vivid cast of characters. Somehow this tumultuous historical chapter from Europe in the 1200s seems remarkably relevant to our own turbulent times.” Marjorie G. Jones, author of Frances Yates and the Hermetic Tradition

Praise for Stephen O’Shea

“At once a cautionary tale about the corruption of temporal power…and an accounting of the power of faith. It is also just a darn good read.” Baltimore Sun

“This is a great story, full of fascinating characters corrupted by power, and O’Shea tells it well with a real sense of excitement that makes it a pleasure to read.” BBC History

“He writes beautifully and has a rare ability to bring the past to life…revel in this author’s mighty narrative skill.” Catholic Herald

“Fascinating, funny, and hugely informative… delivers one stunner after the other.” Providence Journal