Song of Lyran


SKU: 9798986385709
Author: Casey, Kristi
Publication Date: 08/18/2022
Publisher: Truly Kristi
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book


The final battle in the Great War between the Lion-Hearted Lyrans and the Brotherhood of the Snake will be fought on Earth.

Victory for the Aspects of light or darkness depends on one middle-aged mom. Honey lives with her husband and two girls in the middle of a wooded neighborhood. Since going blind seven years ago, the world around her has grown restrictive. She’s content to make due with crumbs of life until she has a vision of four women she’s been in other lifetimes. She brushes off the vision as a dream until she meets this ‘Soul Council’ of women in the woods. They inform her she is their last hope. If Honey wants her line, and everything good in the world to survive, she better find her inner champion, fast.

SONG OF LYRAN follows the women of the Line of Sekhmet as they battle the forces of darkness, from prehistory to the present day, across continents, time, and the Many Worlds.