Some studies on the development of quality standards for E learning products in Indian context


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n the last five years there is a continuous growth in the usage of e-learning across the globe [2-3]. The trend is similar in India also [3]. A drastic change in cost of internet usage [4] played a pivotal role in creating e-learning awareness in India. Subsequently, the number of online learners has also increased. More learners, which include students and working professionals are taking online courses for examination preparation, higher studies and professional developments.

It is essential to have a well-defined process to support product development and implementation of any services. Processes management also plays an important role in developments of educational products and implementation of educational services. The number of frameworks have been defined by researchers and the higher education authorities of different countries to improve the learner engagement and learning effectiveness. Implementation of those models or frameworks can improve the quality of the educational resources which eventually positively impact the product quality and overall learning outcome.

Some standards, guidelines or frameworks are available for e-learning product development and quality control. Based on the scope and the applicability these can be categorized as.