Solving Product: Reveal Gaps, Ignite Growth, and Accelerate Any Tech Product with Customer Research


SKU: 9781778074066
Author: Garbugli, Étienne
Publication Date: 07/12/2023
Publisher: Etienne Garbugli
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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A book that actually teaches you how to create growth in a product business

Solving Product is not a big idea book. It’s a book entrepreneurs and product teams are using to drive real results in their organizations.

The book helps them:

  • Reveal the gaps in their business models
  • Clarify the challenges they’re facing
  • Carefully weigh alternative solutions for addressing blockers and driving new growth
  • Learn from their prospects and customers with the right customer research techniques
  • Lay out clear action plans to address the issues
  • Make their organizations more customer-centric

It’s everything you need to know about growing a product from Idea to Maturity

Solving Product is exhaustive. It contains actionable advice from hundreds of product leaders and customer research experts, and features over 25 case studies.

No matter where you are in the product growth cycle-at the idea stage, at maturity, or somewhere in between-the book will help you find new growth.

The book is used by thousands of organizations around the world

Solving Product is actively in use by product teams and entrepreneurs in:

  • Startups: Entrepreneurs and early-stage teams are using the content to find their business opportunities, identify competitive advantages, validate their concepts, and iterate their early products’ value until they find product/market fit.
  • Scaleups: Growing startups are using the book to reduce friction, fine-tune their positioning, test acquisition channels, and expand into new markets.
  • Mature Product Organizations: Established companies are using the overarching framework to identify their business’ bottlenecks, the supporting content to make their organizations more customer-centric, and the various tools in the book to train and level-up their product teams.
  • Accelerators & Incubators: From Canada to Lebanon, to the United-States and Singapore, accelerators and incubators have been structuring their programs around the content of the book, often even using the content to train the founders in their programs.

A book you’ll find yourself going back to, time and time again

Solving Product is a different type of book.

It’s structured in a way so you can put it on your desk and thumb through it whenever you face a growth challenge in your organization.

You can read it from beginning to end, or navigate to the section you need to drive new growth.

You’ll be going back to the content, time and time again. Solving Product is not a book you’ll read once, then simply put away.