Smoking Cigarettes


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Author: Hall, Reginald L
Publication Date: 04/02/2005
Publisher: Writersandpoets
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Finally, a gritty black on black love story. Reginald's writing is dynamic and suspenseful." -Brenda L. Thomas, Essence bestselling author of Threesome, Fourplay, and The Velvet Rope. There's an old saying that one night of passion can lead to a lifetime of pain. Rashad's mother could not have said it better. Enter the world of Rashad Smith, a twenty-three year old, inner city, gay male who knows what he wants but doesn't know how to get it. After deceiving his lover Troy and engaging in a thrilling sexual escapade with his long time crush Paul, he would stop at nothing for Paul to keep their rendezvous a secret. But when Rashad turns to his psychotic brother for help, he finds himself entangled in a horrific web that not even he can escape. Living in a world of depression, unprotected sex, fast money, and murder, Rashad will do whatever it takes to find love and happiness. After meeting Calvin, a fifteen-year-old high school student, Rashad begins to pick up the broken pieces of his life not knowing that the love or at the very least the lust for Calvin is ruining him. Rashad learns that the man of his dreams has deceived him by partaking in more than just sex–threesomes on Fridays and foursomes for Sunday morning breakfast. From heartbreak to plastic surgery, Rashad will make sure that no matter what happens he will come out on top. But will his dreadful past come to haunt him in the end? Follow this sexy, fast-paced novel as a young man's life spirals downward to his doom. From the first sentence to the shocking conclusion, Smoking Cigarettes will have your mind overwhelmed with nonstop drama. About the Author The famed author of Memoir Delaware County Prison, an intelligent, confident, outspoken advocate for gay rights is still continuing to soar literary heights. He resides with his family outside Philadelphia.