Sāmoan Queer Lives


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Author: Kihara, Yuki McMullin, Dan Taulapapa
Publication Date: 09/28/2018
Publisher: Little Island Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Samoan Queer Lives delves into the unique lives of Samoan people who are 'fa`afafine' – broadly understood in the Western interpretation as persons who are of transgender, intersexed and third sex, or gay, lesbian and bisexual origin.This book, the first of its kind, is edited and written by fa`afafine. Here fa`afafine share their stories in their own words. Twenty autobiographical stories. Includes personal accounts that cross lines of gender and culture, and span generations, professions and geography. Each chapter in the book is accompanied by a portrait. The stories are by turns angry, humorous, intimate and raw. Introduction by Dan Taulapapa McMullin and Foreword by Yuki Kihara.