Slim Confessions: The Universe as a Spider or Spit


SKU: 9781934819968
Author: Minor, Sarah
Publication Date: 10/15/2021
Publisher: Noemi Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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SLIM CONFESSIONS is an image-text about digital intimacy and visceral material. A work of autotheory, the book lays in parallel the history of slime as a vehicle for horror and entertainment with personal encounters with quotidian slime in the human and animal worlds. At its center is a story of farm labor: A cold spring spent birthing sheep in northern Iceland interspersed with confessions about the author’s sexual past. In the lineage of Dodie Bellamy’s Barf Manifesto, this is a book reveling in repulsion and attraction, a personal investigation of physical touch as approximated by visual media, a slow pour of parallel stories that chronicle a research trip gone awry.

Literary Nonfiction. Women’s Studies.