Skin Games!: Stories of female domination, gender transformation and submission!


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Author: Mansfield, Grace
Publication Date: 07/03/2021
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Stories of female domination, gender transformation and submission!

SEX GAMES Twelve men play a game…which one of them is a woman?

DEMON LOVE A twisted, little story of sexual appetites, human failings and Demon love.

FEMINIZATION 101 A friendly, little party results in an intense sexual competition. 100 days of sex, and the first one to orgasm loses. But the real prize is what is going to happen to the loser!

FEMINIZING THE HORN DOG He was a big man, until his wife decided she wanted something else!

MY HUSBAND IS A SISSY His dirty, little habit brought him to his knees in…The Ladies Sissy Society!


Grace Mansfield is from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Her husband being a ‘cheating bastard, ‘ (her words) she took his truck and drove to Texas. Then Montana. Then several other states, before landing in Los Angeles. She has worked as a stenographer, a court reporter for a small newspaper and a photographer for the LA Times. Currently she is a gym addict, trying to fix years of abuse, and working on her novels.

These stories include first time feminization, female domination, male chastity, orgasm denial, male to female, submissive males, transvestite.