Six Pillars of Productivity


SKU: 9798988762027
Author: Sullivan, Cindy B
Publication Date: 09/18/2023
Publisher: Station Square Media
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Tired of being endlessly busy but rarely productive? Learn how to harness your hidden strengths and start achieving more.

Wondering what secret lets others get so much done, while you wrestle to get everyday tasks under control? Certified Professional Organizer(R) and productivity coach Cindy Sullivan has been helping individuals for over two decades master their time management skills. And now she’s using her unique approach to address an often dry, intimidating subject with lightheartedness and innovative personalized solutions.

The Six Pillars of Productivity offers a 360° view of all the factors that go into each person’s ability to maximize their time. Packed with real-life scenarios, insightful prompts, and easy-to-implement tips, Sullivan enthusiastically walks readers through the power of exploring multiple perspectives. And by learning how to recognize your strengths, assess your capabilities and neutralize your weaknesses you’ll soon be feeling fulfilled and efficient.

In The Six Pillars of Productivity, you’ll discover:

  • A wide-spectrum look at time management that allows you to dodge one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Flexibility in problem-solving, so you can put every fleeting second to good use
  • In-depth discussions of all six pillars and how they work together to transform your effective use of time
  • A free self-assessment tool that will peel away the mystique of “managing” time
  • Checklists for moving forward, key takeaways formatted for quick reference, tips for improving trouble spots, and much, much more!

The Six Pillars of Productivity is your map to impactful practices for organizing every day. If you like encouraging support, logical explanations, and flexible options for improvement, then you’ll love Cindy Sullivan’s jumpstart toward completion.

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