Shelf-Confidence: A Practical Guide to Reducing Out-Of-Stocks and Improving Product Availability in Retail


SKU: 9781663238511
Author: Gruen, Thomas W Corsten, Daniel
Publication Date: 08/22/2022
Publisher: iUniverse
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Out-of-Stock and unavailable! In 2020, the perfect storm hit when the COVID-19 pandemic caused shoppers to buy food, toilet paper, and other items in a panic. The result was a large number of items were suddenly out of stock, leading to more buying and an outright crisis.

This book takes readers behind the scenes of consumer products retailing, uncovering and explaining the extent, the causes, and the shopper reactions to out-of-stock items. The authors draw on their decades of experience studying the availability of consumer goods to explore how to improve service levels, slash costs, boost efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, retailer consultant, researcher, member of the media, or a member of a trade association, you’ll discover useful insights in this well-researched book. Shoppers will also enjoy learning the behind-the-scenes details of how items get to the shelves, and how often they are out-of-stock!

Here is what the consumer goods industry is saying about Shelf-Confidence:

“Shelf-Confidence will provide you with an invaluable collection of documented research, tested insights and actionable conclusions from twenty years of studying the out-of-stock issue.”
Milan Turk, Jr., former Vice President, the Procter & Gamble Company

“This practical book provides industry benchmarks and best practices to improve availability online and offline.”
Olaf Koch, former CEO Metro Group, Partner at Zintinus.

“The thorough and practical research in this book will help retailers take waste out of the supply chain, improve omni-channel product availability, and change their game.”
Sir Terry Leahy, former CEO Tesco Stores