Shaping Culture: Making Pots and Constructing Households. An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Pottery Production, Trade and Use in the Ande


SKU: 9781841711515
Author: Sillar, Bill
Publication Date: 10/11/2000
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Oxford Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Subtitled An ethnoarchaeologica; study of pottery production, trade and use in the Andes’, this study explores the role of pottery within the wider cultural setting of present-day Andean society. Sillar shows that economic, social and ritual aspects of Andean society are completely interrelated, equiring archaeology to widen its scope. Chapters consider pottery studies in archaeology, the Andean setting, households in Andean society, the production of pottery as a way of making culture material, pottery trade and exchange within the Andean economy and the use of pottery. This is an interesting study which examines a familiar subject from a more unusual perspective.